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We are regular lay people of various backgrounds, diverse belief systems and even different racial and ethnic backgrounds.  We do not condone or turn a blind eye to rape, molestation or drugging. Indeed, some of us are the victims of rape, molestation, sexual harassment and gender discrimination but, based on what we have researched of the allegations against Dr. Cosby, we believe he is innocent of the charges leveled against him. 

The purpose of this site is to expose the truth regarding the innocence of Bill Cosby. Infidelity and womanizing are moral failings but do not amount to rape and molestation. We will show you how the accusers changed stories, testimonies, timelines, dates, circumstances, drugs, and outright lied. We will also share information on how the media and legal system has been complicit in the lynching of yet another Black man---which is part of the American historical pattern.  We will also show how words and phrases have been taken out of context and mischaracterized to fit the narrative of  guilt (before proven innocent) based on mere accusations.

Finally, we will show you WHY you should care. You should care that due process is being eroded in this country; you should care that sealed court records were illegally given to the press without the sanction of any court process and that unsubstantiated testimony was allowed by accusers whose stories were never verified and tried in a court of law; you should care that a so-called "free press" has failed to report the news objectively, totally ignored the other side of the story and presumed all of the accusers were speaking truthfully instead of vetting them and thoroughly checking out their storoies; you should care that a legacy that emphasized excellence, education, overcoming racial stereotypes and positive portrayals of Black people is being destroyed. Others who were and are in far more powerful positions and who have commited atrocities have legacies and institutions that are allowed to stand (i.e., Pres. Thomas Jefferson, a slaveholder who regularly raped slaves and others).

We ask that you read and listen and decide for yourself. Decide based on fact, truth, common sense and not emotion or a view colored by past experiences, media hype or based on what others have said. We don't believe that guilt is predicated on the numbers of accusers. Indeed, the McMartin Preschool Trial, the Salem Witch Hunt was mob action based on falsehood; the destruction of prosperous Black towns by White mobs was based on lies, particularly of Black men raping White women and carried out through the collective and unified efforts of law enforcement, the Courts, a complicit media, and a prejudiced citizenry predisposed to believe guilt. So whether it's one accuser or one hundred, decisions must be made on the veracity of each person's case and if you only know one perspective (mass media), then you cannot adequately and truthfully come to an informed and enlightened evaluation of the circumstances of the Bill Cosby case.

We believe he's innocent of the charges of rape, molestation and drugging. You may not agree with a particular angle of some of the presenters but just focus on the facts and decide for yourself.

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