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Leg-a-cy|ˈle-gə-sē | noun : Anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor to a future generation. A gift of personal property or money to a beneficiary. It is synonymous with the word "bequest."

"EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW:  Phylicia Rashad on the Bill Cosby Firestorm

"EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Phylicia Rashad on the Bill Cosby Firestorm

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The Cosby's Philanthropic Legacy


Let's explore some possible MOTIVES for the  destruction of Bill Cosby's legacy which includes the Cosby family's only son, Ennis Cosby.

Shakaama talks about secret societies, illuminati, Dr. Cosby & the death of Ennis Cosby

Was there collusion between Hannibal Buress and  Judd Apatow in jump starting the Cosby accusers to go to the media? Is Judd Apatow part of a larger effort to bring down Dr. Cosby? Did you know both of them are affiliated with NBC whom Dr. Cosby tried to buy? Check out the following from youtube channel, Nicole's View:

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